Planta de elaboración de Colirios

  • HLB Pharma

  • 300 m2

  • 2005

  • Completed

  • Industrial

The main challenges for this project were related to the particularities of a space intended for laboratory use, with all the specific regulations defined by the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) required for the plant’s certification and qualification.

The project consisted in the design of an industrial plant for the elaboration of eye drops, one of the pharmaceutical products with the highest requirements that ANMAT has in terms of the physical and functional characteristics of laboratories.

For this project, specific panels suitable for laboratory purposes were used. These not only  provided proper sanitary surfaces and endings for this type of sectors, but also guaranteed the tightness of each one of the areas, allowing the verification of the differential pressures chain between the premises.

San Isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires

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