• 3200 m2

  • 2015

  • Completed

  • Corporativo

This office building is developed in two plots, with a 27 meter long facade materialized predominantly with glass.

Its architecture focuses on the use of natural sunlight, distributing a homogenous amount of light to every workstation. Closed offices are grouped, allowing great visuals without taking out light from the general workstations. Meeting rooms, since they are temporarily occupied, are located in the center of the floor plan.

This design decision not only benefited the building population but also represents important energy savings.

Even though the layout responds directly to our client’s needs, we designed a flexible floor plan which helps the layout adapt through changes in time.

This building has an auditorium that can be accessed through the building but has also an independent entrance to allow events to take place in any time schedule, even when the building is closed.

This is the first LEED Certified project in Corrientes City and Province.

LEED Certified

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Corrientes, Provincia de Corrientes

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