Location Search-Physical survey-Assessment against the Code-Alternative and strategic proposals - Architectural Feasibility Study.


Survey of existing resources-Needs program development-Standard Definition-Preliminary design and costing.


Project and basic engineering development-Engineering in details-Graphic documentation-General and specific technical drawings.


Folders of terms and conditions-Evaluation of suppliers and contractors- Technical/economic evaluation of biddings.

Construction Management

Review of contracts-Technical Direction-Samples approval-Quality and progress Control in works-Trials and Testing.

Project Management

Technical direction-Works programming-Budgetary control-Early detection of deviations-Quality Control-Health and Safety.

Interior Design

Workspaces design-General and particular equipment-Signage-Special Spaces.

Corporate Image

Institutional image Design-Image Registration-Corporate image handbook-Franchises-Corporate image audit.

Venture Developement

Alternative business analysis-Potentiality evaluation-Ventures development-Consortiums and administration formalization.