Prisma Medios de Pago

  • PRISMA Medios de Pago

  • 27000 m2

  • 2017

  • Completed

  • Corporativo

“Prisma District” is the name given to this project, one of our biggest challenges in the latest years.

The building, composed by 5 industrial sheds, is located in what at the beginning of the XXth century represented the city’s bird market.

The biggest challenge was to accommodate in an existing building with historical heritage, a contemporary and innovative project of high tech sustainable offices. Also, we had to carry it out in a really tight schedule.

This originally industrial building became, after our architectural intervention, an integrated workspace for thousands of employees at PRISMA.

The main goal was set on the user experience, which meant we had to find the right answer to spatial organization. Under the Coworking and Open Space Concepts, the objective was to create a better connection between people and its workplace.

To accomplish such a complex program we used hi-tech tools: Starting with laser technology to take measurements and generate a Point Cloud, and BIM Software for the three dimensional modelling.


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