• BBVA

  • 350 m2

  • 2016

  • Completed

  • Corporativo

Esarq team designed an innovative auditorium for BBVA Banco Frances Tower, a commercial and finance office tower building located in Catalinas North area, in Buenos Aires. The auditorium is located in the building’s first and second floor.

Within this existing space, the team designed the auditorium which meant some challenges in its interior design. Not only regarding dimensions but also emergency exits, the main and secondary entrances were pre designed next to the stage conditioning the visuals as well as the circulation.

The client required a high performance auditorium, with the latest equipment and with enough flexibility to adequate to different situations and events the firm would held in this space. High performance seats were chosen for this project, not only in terms of comfort but also connectivity. They also play an important esthetic rol in the project. Every seat counts with a lectern in case of working sessions.

Esarq effectively proposed a solution to all the issues mentioned before, optimizing the space and prioritizing location and visuals for the final user. In case of smaller events, the room can be divided in two spaces. The acoustics were solved in a thorough way, installing wood acoustic panels with different degrees of absorption according to its location in the room.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

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