• 5800 m2

  • 2011

  • Completed

  • Corporativo

The building is located in a continuously growing area of Catamarca City, well connected to the city center and the main avenues. It is composed mainly by offices, and has a service area as well as an auditorium.

The architectural intervention took advantage of the natural slope of the terrain to give more importance to the building, including a platform on the front facade to enhance the prismatic volume materialized in glass that represents the office area.

During the design process, rational concepts were applied: Lighting optimization, modulation, flexibility. These concepts are part of the Corporate Identity Manual that Esarq developed for this client.

We focused on the use of natural light and visuals for the office area, mainly the reason why the facade was materialized mostly in glass. The curtain wall distributes light homogeneously to every workplace. A sunshade system was designed to control exposure which at times can be too direct.

Catamarca, Provincia de Catamarca

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